Friday, March 5, 2010

The Plunge

Alright, I’ve taken the plunge.

I found a gangload of drum samples for free at this awesome site (…..). I began with using an impulse for both the kick and for the percussion section. I dropped several different flavors of kick drums into the kick one and so far I’ve dropped a snare, an open and closed high hat, and a tambourine into the second impulse. Although I suspect I’m going to mess with that one a bit I’m starting to get my simplistic 4-4 drum beat and I’m going to see if I can program a bass sound and get a good groove with my U-He Zebra synthesizer.

Ableton 8 apparently has a different way to initiate groove changes. I’m going to have to investigate that. However in the meantime.


Well look at me go. I have a kick, a percussion loop that I’ll need to change, a bass loop and a synthy loop. I also looked into creating wav style loops instead of midi and realized that you really need the midi sound down before you want to record it to analog. But it gave me a lot of opportunity to try some new stuff. Damn. I had no idea that Impulse was such a useful little goodie. I still haven’t found about the groove yet but I’ll get to that.

I had a very good session and am excited at the prospect of a log of how I’m doing.

Hello and goodbye everyone – signing off

I have a gig tomorrow!

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